Media Roundup: DR. JAMES REDD

Read the chapter in Chris Kortlander's book Arrow to the Heart that shares Dr. James Redd's story. View articles and videos below for more news and media surrounding him.

Agent Wooten's letter | Nov 27, 2017

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The FBI sting that tore apart a small town

For generations, the people of the Four Corners region have battled the federal government over the land and its... continue reading


If you think the BLM and Daniel P. Love were bad at Bundy Ranch, look at what they did to this man over Indian artifacts

In March of 2016, I reported on the Bureau of Land Management and the leader of the BLM at Bundy Ranch, Daniel... continue reading


BLM Agent Dan Love: A cruel and unusual history

In another instance, SA Dan Love was with another agent in the Provo, Utah, apartment of Jamaica Redd Lyman... continue reading


Legacy of Kindness: James Redd, the man bullied to death by the BLM

“Dr. Redd’s patients suffered as much direct personal loss as anyone. Many of them had medical histories that... continue reading


Probe into Dan Love’s criminal conduct by OIG bolstered by additional evidence

Information within the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Estate of Dr. James Redd against Dan Love and the... continue reading


Report: BLM agent handed out confiscated Moqui marbles 'like candy'

The same Bureau of Land Management law enforcement agent who led the raid in the country's largest Native... continue reading


New report faults controversial BLM agent for mishandling evidence

While Dan Love was in charge of Bureau of Land Management law enforcement for Utah, rare items known as moqui... continue reading


Synopsis of Dan Love's criminal activities laid out in OIG report

Although Dan Love’s history of malfeasance and cruelty reaches years into the past, as... continue reading


The Four Corners Archaeological Raids that caused the suicide of Dr. James and two others

On June 9, 2009, in Blanding, Moab, and Monticello, Utah; Durango, Colorado; and Albuquerque, New Mexico; FBI an... continue reading

Rep. Matt Shea: BLM Corruption – Bundy Ranch

Phil Lyman talks to L.A. Times reporter about James Redd

Congressional Listening Session – Dr. Jay Redd | Jan. 22, 2016

Congressional Listening Session – Commissioner Bruce Adams | Jan. 22, 2016

Jay Red Exposes Unjust Federal Investigation That Led To His Fathers Death

Sen. Hatch confronts Eric Holder re: over the top RAIDS

FBI & BLM Top Agents Linked To Corruption, Cover Ups & Much More!