What is the purpose of elected officials and how can they protect us? An open letter to a State Attorney General regarding United States of America Vs Cliven Bundy Et Al.
» » » What is the purpose of elected officials and how can they protect us? An open letter to a State Attorney General regarding United States of America Vs Cliven Bundy Et Al.

What is the purpose of elected officials and how can they protect us? An open letter to a State Attorney General regarding United States of America Vs Cliven Bundy Et Al.

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Mr. Laxalt:

My name is BJ Soper. I am a native Nevadan living in Oregon now. I was born and raised in Northern Nevada and still have my entire family there. I have a strong connection to my home state and bleed Silver and Blue to this day.

I write today to ask a few questions and express a valid concern of many, not just in Nevada but across the nation. The power structure that the Founders created has been turned upside down. A government of the People, by the People just doesn’t exist anymore. The underlying issue of concern that I hold is that, while change is possible through proper process, none of the prescribed processes have taken place. The ultimate power lies in the People. We delegate power to government. So that we understand each other better, I understand the word delegate to mean

” A higher power giving temporary authority to a lesser power to accomplish a task”

That is the definition of government and its sole responsibility. To accomplish tasks given to it by the higher authority. We delegate this authority in order to protect the rights of our citizens. Now that we can understand the topic of conversation, I want to stress concerns taking place in our State and ask a few simple questions. These questions are for you Sir to answer in your own words.

  1. Do you consider the State of Nevada to be a sovereign and independent State in union with 49 others as prescribed in the US Constitution?
  2. Who does the Attorney General of Nevada answer to?
  3. What is the ultimate obligation of your duty as an elected officer in Nevada?

So, while you ponder the answers to my very simple questions, let me explain why I ask. Specifically in our State, a federal trial is under way in Las Vegas. I am sure you are very aware of the case US V Bundy et al. This case has brought forth a multitude of questions and concerns, not only of the actions taken by the prosecution, but also actions taken by State of Nevada agencies such as the Highway Patrol and the federal judge, Gloria Navarro herself. So many questions and issues have been brought to light that the judge has sent the jury away for the time being, stating that she is not sure they will be needed any further, while furthermore, sealed the trial from the public while the evidence presented is sorted out. She has allowed the prosecution to commit no less than 7 Brady violations along with Giglio violations to boot. This judge has barred information from being shown to the jury, answered questions directed at witnesses for the witness and even removed a defendant from the stand during his own testimony. She called this man a liar on the stand, struck his testimony from the record, but yet his testimony was later proven to BE FACT in the very same courtroom, on record. These are but only a few examples of the clear collusion between the judge and prosecution, oversteps, violations and coercion tactics that have played out for nearly a year now in the Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas.

I am sure by now you are wondering where I am going with this communication. So I will be blunt Sir, and help you answer the questions above. Your first and foremost obligation as an elected official is to defend the rights of the citizens in your State. First and most important duty, period. You have a duty to defend the enumerated rights of the Citizens in your State from being violated. I would find it hard to believe that you would disagree with that statement. After all, the law of man was crafted to protect the rights of one from the abuse of another.

So, a few more questions:

  1. Do you consider the State of Nevada inferior in power to the federal government?
  2. Do you believe that your duty to protect the rights of citizens stops when the federal government is involved? What if the federal government is the one doing the abusing?

I realize that my questions are redundant to some extent, but the fact of the matter is this… Citizens in our State are being abused by the federal government, and quite simply, I believe it is your duty to put an end to it.

Continuing the questions…

  1. Does waiting almost 2 years to be tried in court constitute “speedy” as enumerated in the 6th amendment?
  2. Does sealing the trial and barring the public from witnessing the actions taken constitute “a public trial” as enumerated also in the 6th amendment? Does stating that a case is “complex” have more power than the 6th amendment as well?
  3. Does protesting the actions of government that is guaranteed in the 1st amendment constitute a capital offense in which bail could be denied?
  4. Does issuing a gag order to not speak about the actions taken by the government and prosecution act as a prohibition of free speech as protected against by the 1st amendment?

10.. Lastly.. Do you or do you not acknowledge the rights above to be those of every citizen of every State, and asked again, is it not your duty to protect these from any entity that violates the very clear and enumerated rights described in the Constitution you swore to uphold?

I will close with a final statement. If you truly believe and uphold that the oath you took to the constitution translates into Duty, I would expect to see action taken by your office immediately to protect the men facing abuse inside the courthouse in Las Vegas. Anything less is a direct dereliction of your first and foremost duty, and a slap in the face to the People of Nevada that elected you. I hope you choose to be honorable and not a pawn.