Endoresement for the book Arrow to the Heart

Lance Tobacco

Former DOI Law Enforcement Officer

Arrow to the Heart gives a raw, behind-the-scenes account of federal overreach into the lives of private individuals and corporations alike. This has now become commonplace in our nation. It is important that citizens like Chris Kortlander stand up for what is right and to stop federal tyranny.

Charles “Timer” Moses

Criminal Defense Attorney

This story can be described as a defense lawyer’s dream. Christopher Kortlander suffered the slings and arrows of the federal government with courage and integrity. He is truly a dedicated American citizen.

Penelope Strong

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Bureau of Land Management raided Mr. Kortlander like he was Scarface. Using force to go after drug dealers or violent criminals is understandable, but somebody in a hot, sultry part of Montana, in a trading post where people are wandering around buying blankets? Come on.

William Perry Pendley

President of Mountain States Legal Foundation

In 2009, at the end of its criminal investigation, the United States had a duty to return the items or institute forfeiture proceedings if it believed the items were contraband It has done neither; therefore, as a matter of law, the property must be returned.