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Custer Battlefield Museum director seeks to ‘terminate’ BLM law enforcement function

Another debacle for federal prosecutors in the Cliven Bundy case

Bundy mistrial highlights why right distrusts the feds — ANALYSIS

The Bigger Story

Armed Federal Agents Raid Business And Seize Property

Montana dealer sues, says heavy-handed BLM stomped rights

Federal Judge's Decision Overturned - 9th Circuit

United States vs Christopher Kortlander, Defendant–Appellant


Ninth Circuit Sends Custer Battlefield Museum Case Back to Lower Court - Lawsuit Seeks Unfettered Public Access to Search Warrant Affidavits


9th Circuit Grants Public Access to Search Warrant Records


Feds Wrongly Limited Access to Probe Materials


The Ninth Circuit Holds That Once the Government is Done Investigating You, You Get to See the Warrant That Let Them Into Your House


Ammon Bundy Interview & Update

Cliven Bundy Trial: Important Ammon Bundy Interview + Update with K Stewart  |  January 4, 2018

Interview with Chris Kortlander

News Segment with John B. Wells, Caravan to Midnight  |  Episode 686: Wednesday February 8th 2017  |  Learn The Truth: at TIME INDEX 22:50

Mystery Behind Suicides and Jason Chaffetz Resignation

The Josh Tolley Show with Chris Kortlander

BUNDY, the True Story — Official

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Sen. Hatch confronts Eric Holder re: over the top RAIDS

Sen. Hatch confronts Eric Holder in judiciary hearing on BLM Gestapo style Raids in Utah that resulted in 4 suicides. (Source C-Span)

Bill O’Reilly calls for MT Chief Federal Judge Richard Cebull Resignation